HOURS:         Drop off and pick up Monday -Friday     7AM-10AM                                5PM-8PM Saturday         7AM-12PM Sunday          5PM-8PM *Our of courtesy for our canine guests, we ask for arrival and departure within the hours stated.  However; we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Extra charges may apply. * Operating but closed to the public on New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (half day) and Christmas day.
We genuinely care about your pet’s well being.  During their stay with us, we treat them like our own.  Our professional and devoted staff as well as a happy and healthy atmostphere are only two of the many factors unparalleled in client satisfaction.  We have served over 2,000 repeat four legged clients since 2008.  Local veterinarians refer their clients to us.  We are very honored and consider this to be the highest compliment a pet care facility can recieve just short of the many dogs who are eager to enter our resort.  We encourage you to visit.  Please call us for available tours throughout the week.
Guest Accommodations
*Spacious heated / AC indoor suites leading to covered outdoor runs *Serene indoor atmosphere with soft music and special lighting in an odor free environment *Cots are provided for comfort and leisure *Indoor lounges to play during inclement weather *Supervised unlimited time outside no less than four times a day in large grassy play yards *Individual supervised play *Choice of supervised communal play with evaluated dogs of compatible size and energy level *Baby pools for water dogs *Constant interaction throughout the day. *Security cameras recording motion 24/7 *We accept special feed instructions and give supplements and medications at no charge *Refrigerator and freezer on site for raw feeders.  *Immediate contact numbers are provided for you to check on your dog. Rubberized flooring available for disabled, special needs or senior pets *Owners have 38 years combined experience in the animal care industry. *Ask about multiple dog discounts!
EXTRAS: Canine Massage Country Trail Walks Daily Brushing Birthday Celebrations Holiday Celebration Gourmet Meal Balanced Raw Meal Printed Pictures Busy Bones Tread Mill Time Swim Time coming soon!
HELPFUL HINTS -Bring something that smells like you or home  A good idea is to wear an old Tshirt to bed the night before and enclose it in a zip lock bag for us to give your dog. -When you check in your dog, be happy and cheerful.  Our dogs are keen on our emotions.  If you suffer from separation anxiety, your dog will sense your stress and could become anxious as well. -If packing disturbs your pet, allow his/her vacation to start before you begin packing. -Snacks are wonderful and we know your pet enjoys them but please do not “overstuff” your dog with treats or food before coming to our pet resort.  They could develop stomach upset if too full.
*We recommend you provide your pet’s food for digestive reasons and familiarity.  We do offer high quality, all natural wheat free commercial kibble. *We welcome toys from home as well as washable bedding. *Please remember to license your pet and bring the tag with your pet’s collar!  We will ask for a copy of your dog’s current vaccination records.  Please see our vaccination policy!
Dont “bored” your dog, bring them to our pet resort!  Please call for rates and availability!