Vaccine Policy
Please DO NOT FORGET to bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination records whether for boarding, grooming or training!  Your dog may be refused if not already on file.
We require Dhpp, Bordetella and Rabies for boarding.  Vaccinations must be current or given no later than two weeks prior to boarding and grooming!   If your pet needs to be updated, be sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian well in advance.  While rare, our pets can suffer from a vaccine induced illness.  For the safety and well being of every animal in our care, this strict policy is enforced and your pet will be refused if vaccinations were given within a 14 day time frame prior to reservations / appointment. We understand some choose a holistic approach pertaining to annual vaccines in which case we require blood titer results within 60 days prior to your pet’s visit with us.  By federal law your pet must have a current Rabies vaccination. If your pet is elderly and your veterinarian feels the pet should be exempt from a particular vaccination, we require a letter of exemption signed by your vet dated no less than 30 days prior to your pets reservation.   
Please remember to license your pet.   While we can not enforce it, the State does random inspections.  Without a dog license, you can be fined a substantial amount.  York county dog licenses sold here for your convenience