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PLEASE CALL FOR RATES AND TO  REGISTER We offer : Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Basic Obedience  Basic Obedience  Advanced Obedience  Agility Fun  Conformation training Private Aggression Consults by the hour Private on site training In board training
A trained dog is a happy and well behaved family companion.  Our philosophy and technique is science based learning developed by world renown, Ian Dunbar. We make training sessions fun and challenging for you and your dog while building a strong foundation of reliability and focused attention. We combine obedience with application in every day living.  Our classes also extend into correcting frustrating problematic behaviors while effectively teaching the dog self control and good manners.
Marian Knott has been an Obedience Instructor since 1991.  Her canine experience includes teaching pet obedience, holding agility fun classes, preparing students for obedience trials and conformation, shaping dogs to certify Canine Good Citizen testing, aggression couseling and behavior modification. She has been blessed with dogs who have teamed with her in freestyle dancing and scent work tracking lost pets.  Today, she and her husband, share their lives with an adopted shelter dog and Olde English Bulldogges.  The dogs enjoy conformation, obedience, agility, therapy work and weight pull.  Most importantly,  each dog is cherished as a valued family member, trained with respect and living in harmony and balance.